Samsung-SmartTV Tizen OS

2015 Samsung Smart Televisions will be in Tizen OS

SUHD the Samsung’s new and updated version of smart TVs announced at CES today will be powered by it’s new OS Tizen.

The company confident Tizen as bringing a “bevy of new features” to the Smart TV, but also offering “intuitive access.” still we assume that more of a software domination over Television experience in coming days.

The new OS Tizen lets the company do things like allow you to push a single button on Samsung Android devices to carry on watching on your mobile instead. It’s also able to show panes with more information overlaid on sports games or TV shows or any other interactive activity.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is that Tizen features PlayStation Now integration, so you can stream PlayStation games to your TV without requiring a console that’s an outstanding feature of new version of OS Tizen.

Still the information is close to the company about features of a project, but one thing is sure that all future televisions of Samsung will be powered by Tizen OS.

To reach maximum number of users company is planning to project the OS Tizen first on TV than mobile for fastest growth of its new OS.