Benefits of Drupal CMS

Benefits of Drupal CMS

Benefits of Drupal CMS

Drupal is an open source CMS that gives its clients an extensive level of adaptability to adjust, share, and circulate (content, video, information, business administrations). Still, Drupal is more than a CMS. It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) arrangement that is ideal for a little business and versatile for any huge venture. Furthermore, don’t take our assertion for it either, look at why it was appraised InfoWorld 2011 Top Pick.

We’ve utilized various substance administration frameworks before, keeping in mind none are impeccable, some carry out the employment superior to anything others. Drupal gives us a chance to stay on the ball and exploit the regularly advancing group stage that permits a great many givers to redesign it always. Consider this – some place on the planet, Drupal is being upgraded each second. Like Wikipedia, it’s driven by individuals that think about how it works and works, as opposed to how it’s promoted. It’s the greatest open mystery in web advancement.

Benefits of Drupal CMS

Benefits of Drupal CMS

1. Drupal Is Free

Many proprietary CMS systems charge significant monthly or yearly fees as part of the licensing agreement to use the software. For many small business web design needs, those costs are prohibitive and sometimes not fully disclosed during the sale. In addition, the subscription costs can range from a couple hundred dollars a year to sometimes tens of thousands of dollars a month for a large implementation. Drupal, on the other hand, is entirely free and doesn’t have any hidden fees. The advantages are staggering when you take a look at the life cycle of a typical website, which typically can be three to six years.

2. Drupal Has High Profile Clients

Some of Drupal’s highest profile customers include:

The White House
The Onion
Wake Forest University

3. Drupal Has Extensive API Support

When deciding on a CMS, it’s crucial to know what kind of out-of-box support is available from third party applications for that specific tool. Today’s savvy businesses run their organizations with the assistance of API’s that let two programs talk to each other. Drupal has extensive API support including:

Salesforce Drupal API
YouTube Drupal AP I
Google Apps API
Sugar CRM for Drupal API
Constant Contact Drupal API
Facebook Drupal API
Twitter Drupal API
Ubercart Drupal API
Google Analytics Drupal API
AdSense Drupal API
Mailchimp Drupal API

4. Drupal Web Design Flexibility

Unlike many website content management systems that offer narrow frameworks and custom coding, Drupal comes out of the box ready to showcase your brand in an interactive, highly-useable environment. You can design (or “theme” in Drupal speak) your Drupal web design to match your business needs without many of the restrictions of previous CMS tools.

5. Drupal Is Search Engine Friendly

Once your website is live, search engine optimization (SEO) plays an integral part of your business’s online marketing strategy. Drupal, created as a community platform, was inherently designed to be SEO friendly. In fact, it has a Ph.D. in SEO. Why make such a bold claim? Drupal has enormous flexibility to display content in a way search engines just can’t resist.

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