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Emerging of wearables in huge way at CES 2015

Wearables when able to wear, the head rings and seems its dominating the advanced world, as they are using smart watches and fitness-tracking bracelets. Consumer electronics expo closed up in Vegas on Friday, left one clear that there’s a lot more to wearables than just bangles and timepieces.

Among the wearable Innovation Award winners at this year’s CES were a heart-rate-monitoring strip that sticks to a user’s torso; a sensor-embedded “digital shirt” for athletes; and a wireless smart insole for tracking steps, gait and balance. Some exhibitors at the show even debuted wearables for pets . . . yes, pets.

While it’s early days for smart wearables, such accessories could prove to be more than just clever and trendy devices worn for a while and then quickly forgotten once the next innovation comes along. One area where they show great promise, for example, is not with the fit and aerobically minded but with the elderly and disabled.