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Google is experiencing harsh criticism for publicizing a Windows bug two days prior Microsoft released a fix, the organization is now in the cross hairs, because of its methodology towards upgrading its own product.

Not surprisingly, a bug has been found in the Web View component of Android 4.3 and beneath. This is the embedded program control powered by a rendition of the Web Kit rendering motor utilized as a part of Android applications.

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The Android Design for Android Developers has been developed by Google themselves, together with Audacity, an online education portal. It is a 5 lesson series that targets individuals who as of now have a foundation or a working knowledge of how to create Android apps or designers that need to understand the platform they’re working on. If you don’t know yet how to make Android apps, you can simply take one of their Developing Android Apps course.

Android 4.4 and 5.0, which utilize Blink instead of Web Kit for their Web View, are unaffected. Yet, by Google’s own numbers, approximately 60 percent of Android clients are utilizing 4.3 or underneath. As being what is indicated, this is an across the board, high-effect bug. The ordinary method would be to report the bug to Google, and for Google to build up a fix and distribute it as a feature of Android Open Source Project discharge.

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