WeChat for Windows

Finally WeChat releases its desktop version for Windows users

New release of WeChat desktop version for Windows users close to an year wait after Macs launch. Company has introduced Mac version last year to their Mac users and now it is available for Windows users as well.

Just like the WhatsApp Web client launched last week, in order to get up and running with WeChat for PC, you’ll need to scan a QR code from within the mobile app. Once your phone is linked to your computer, messages will be mirrored across both devices, but alerts will only show on your computer. For now, it’s only available in Chinese.

If downloading another program to your computer just feels like too much effort, you can, of course, still use the Web-based WeChat client from any operating system.

➤ WeChat for Windows [via TheNextWeb via Tech In Asia ]

Whats App desktop version

Google Chrome supports desktop wats app to begin with

Delhi: A piece of news that many WhatsApp users have been eagerly waiting for quite some time is finally here. WhatsApp is now officially available on your Web browser, a feature that many competing instant messaging services already have.

Though the WhatsApp roll out for desktop comes with a caveat – it is currently available only on Google Chrome browser. Though WhatsApp says it will add support for other browsers soon.

“Our web client is simply an extension of your phone: the web browser mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device – this means all of your messages still live on your phone,” WhatsApp said in a blog post.

To connect your web browser to your WhatsApp client, go to web.whatsapp.com in your Google Chrome browser. Scan the QR code with WhatsApp on your phone and the WhatsApp on your phone would be paired with the WhatsApp web client.

Your phone will need to be connected to the Internet for the Web client to work. WhatsApp Web will however not available for iOS users due to Apple platform limitations.

WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook last year for nearly $22 billion. Facebook in October completed its buy of WhatsApp in a stock-and-cash deal.

The acquisition highlighted the stunning growth of mobile messaging but also prompted analyst questions on the price paid by Facebook and future plans for the service.

Source: IBN Live – MSN

MS Browser Spartan

MS Build developer conf enrollment begins on Jan’ 22 , 2015

Yearly developer event of April 29 – May 1 will begin from January 22, 2015, today Microsoft has announced the date so that the enrollment will be kicked off and early registration will their seats for the BUILD event.

After Microsoft’s Windows 10 consumer event Microsoft declared the date of registrations, where the company is expected to reveal new end user features like its rumored Spartan browser.

Add this to your calendar so that you will be the part of the event because as everyone knows the tickets will be sold quickly for the show, it cost just $2,095.

➤ Registration for Build 2015 opens Jan. 22 [Microsoft Blog]

google analytics

Google Analytics new add-on makes it easy to analyze GA data in Google sheets

The New add-on to pull your analytics data into a spreadsheet to manipulate and create further reports is very handy with this newly added feature to the GA dashboard.

The addon pulls in the data from the Analytics API and you’re able to get data from almost any metric in Analytics A new add-on for Google Sheets allows Analytics users to directly import their data without any hassles.

Its analytics tool with the combination of source of data manipulation in Sheets that touts the tool to pull the information. And this is very useful for the users who want to build custom dashboards or want to add external data to their reports.

➤ Simplify your Google Analytics Reporting with Add-ons for Google Sheets [Analytics Blog]

Wearables smart devices

Emerging of wearables in huge way at CES 2015

Wearables when able to wear, the head rings and seems its dominating the advanced world, as they are using smart watches and fitness-tracking bracelets. Consumer electronics expo closed up in Vegas on Friday, left one clear that there’s a lot more to wearables than just bangles and timepieces.

Among the wearable Innovation Award winners at this year’s CES were a heart-rate-monitoring strip that sticks to a user’s torso; a sensor-embedded “digital shirt” for athletes; and a wireless smart insole for tracking steps, gait and balance. Some exhibitors at the show even debuted wearables for pets . . . yes, pets.

While it’s early days for smart wearables, such accessories could prove to be more than just clever and trendy devices worn for a while and then quickly forgotten once the next innovation comes along. One area where they show great promise, for example, is not with the fit and aerobically minded but with the elderly and disabled.

Macbook Air

New 12-inch MacBook Air preparation from Apple to be launched this year 2015

In 2015 The company Apple Inc is about to present its newly and advanced MacBook Air with new design that will be the most standardized system will be in Apple Stores. With of its many new features that will allow users to plugged their USB devices, SD card slots to store huge memories and will be slimmed with low body weight and higher-resolution screen with an added feature from Apple manufacturing unit.

Apart from a new look for the front of the system, the whole single-body has been revamped from the keyboard to the music-pad to the speakers. Taking cues from the 12-inch PowerBook introduced by Steve Jobs over a decade ago, the new keyboard sits edge-to-edge across the width of the laptop.

Addition to going corner-to-corner, the entire key set has been subtly restructured so that each and every key sits noticeably closer together. The company has squeezed the keys closer in order for the computer to be as narrow as possible.

FB-acquisition Wit.ai

A voice recognition startup Wit. ai acquires by Facebook

Voice recognition start-up Wit.ai has been acquired by FB today and it was a surprise announcement and the amount of acquisition has not been disclosed yet.

Coders use Wit.ai to get voice structured data; the simplest way of sending voice to the service and in no time its makes available structured JSON for the app to use.

In an announcement company said:

It is an unbelievable speed up in the execution of our goal. Facebook has the polished resources and amazing talent to help us take the next step.

Company’s mission is to reach everyone and build outstanding experiences for the over 1.3 billion people on the platform – technology that comprehend natural language is a big part of that, and we think we can help and support this.

Wit.ai could be an alternate sources for Siri and could be a drastic rival for it for voice search integration for future FB releases in their main app.

Startup says its existing platform will remain available for everyone to utilize and will entirely become free for anyone to use.

Samsung-SmartTV Tizen OS

2015 Samsung Smart Televisions will be in Tizen OS

SUHD the Samsung’s new and updated version of smart TVs announced at CES today will be powered by it’s new OS Tizen.

The company confident Tizen as bringing a “bevy of new features” to the Smart TV, but also offering “intuitive access.” still we assume that more of a software domination over Television experience in coming days.

The new OS Tizen lets the company do things like allow you to push a single button on Samsung Android devices to carry on watching on your mobile instead. It’s also able to show panes with more information overlaid on sports games or TV shows or any other interactive activity.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is that Tizen features PlayStation Now integration, so you can stream PlayStation games to your TV without requiring a console that’s an outstanding feature of new version of OS Tizen.

Still the information is close to the company about features of a project, but one thing is sure that all future televisions of Samsung will be powered by Tizen OS.

To reach maximum number of users company is planning to project the OS Tizen first on TV than mobile for fastest growth of its new OS.

iOS 8 release, news and features

Company spent a competitive amount of its WWDC 2014 keynote focusing on iOS 8, which takes the flat iOS 7 design and only rounds it out with new features.

Which implies instead of a chaotic redesign, you can expect this year’s mobile operating system update to level everything together with the overarching theme of “convergence.”

iOS 8 will feature tighter Mac integration while loosening the restrictions on Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor. New software kits are also bringing once fragmented security and health gadgets together.

While there was no mention of an iPhone 6 or an iWatch at this year’s WWDC, Apple seems to be setting the stage for a new wearable device by the time iOS 8 is released for public use.

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