Steps for How To Install XAMPP



1) First of all, download XAMPP and extract.

2) Download Joomla and extract.

3) Install XAMPP in directory “c:xampp”.

4) Copy all folder ( including subfolder & all file) for Joomla and paste in C:xampphtdocs”yourfoldernames”. (Note: “yourfoldernames” is the new folder that you created).

5) Run “xampp-control.exe” and enable (on) the Apache server and Mysql services.

6) Open your web browser (i.e: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefork or Internet Explorer/ I.E) and type “http:localhost” at your address bar.

7) After that, click “phpMyAdmin” under Tools.

8) In field “Create new database,” type “yourfoldernames” and click “Create” button.

9) Click “Privileges”, click “Add a new User”, and insert username, password and host (as localhost). Click “Go” button.

10) Open another tab/ windows of your web browser, type “http:localhost”yourfoldernames” and now you can start Joomla installation.


1) Choose “en-Us-English (US)” and click “Next” (Language).

2) Click “Next” under Pre-installation Check

3) Then, click “Next”. (License)

4) For database section, fill in the blank as show below:

Host Name

: Localhost


: “same with number 9″


: “same with number 9″

Database Name

: “yourfoldernames”

5) Click “Next”. (FTP Configuration)

6) Configuration Section:

Site Name

: ‘Your Site Name”

Your E-mail

: “Your email”

Admin Password

: “Your Password”

Confirm Admin Password

: “Confirm Your Password”

7) Click “Next”.

8) Go to directory C:xampphtdocs”yourfoldernames” and delete the folder “installation”.

9) At your browser, click “site” to go to your web site or click “admin to go to your account.

10) That all… Finish.