Website Usability Testing

Why Every Website Needs A Usability Analysis

There are technically thousands of websites on the Internet, that either provide services or products. And I’m sure that if you are reading this you are one of them. You may be asking yourself, how do I get more visitors to come to my website and after that how do I get them to purchaser what I’m selling? Many will say you must optimize your website for search engines and others will say Paid Advertising is the way to go. However, the truth of the matter is, if you have a website that is difficult to use, does not provide enough information or just plain sucks, no marketing medium you use will work. I understand that is a difficult pill to swallow, but it is the absolute truth.

Sure, you can get people on your website, however when they get there, they must be able to navigate easily, find what they want, and make a purchase without any effort. This is the key to getting and keeping online customers.

Having a usability analysis can provide an eye-opening look into how website visitors see your website and can gives you an exact game plan on what needs to be changed in order of importance.

Usability Testing Report

A usability analysis often covers four main topics:

1. Navigation

Your website’s navigational structure is one of the most important elements on your website. Your navigation is what helps website visitors travel through your website to find more information on your services, products, company, and industry. If your navigation is not consistent or does not provide links to all of the major sections on your website, visitors may become annoyed and leave. It is also important to place global navigation text links in the footer of every page. This assists site visitors with navigating your site, whether they are at the bottom of a page or at the top.

2. Content

Your website’s content is another extremely important element in the success of your website. It is important to provide website visitors with as much information about your products, services, company and industry as possible. Always remember, an informed customer is the best customer.

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3. Functionality

Your website’s degree of complexity often determines whether a website visitor will stay and browse or get frustrated and leave. If you have elements that do not work or pages that do not load, you could be losing customers. Also, if you have a section that you would like to add to your website, do not use a “Coming Soon” page. This does nothing more than frustrate your website visitors, forcing them to leave, and not return.

4. Security

When selling a product or collecting information about your website visitors, it is imperative that your site be secure. Hackers are everywhere and watching everything. Not providing a secure environment for your website visitors can be detrimental to your website and your company.

Website usability analysis reports are not very expensive and can save your website and company a lot of money and heartache. Once you know the disease that plagues your website, you can then take steps to cure it. Remember, knowing is half the battle.